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Are Wholesale Trading Boards Reliable?

In most of the cases, wholesale trading boards are a reliable & trusted resource. Usually more when the trading board requires a membership fee.

In contrast, free trading boards will encounter more fraudulent activity. Free boards allow anyone to join usually without verification and without a membership fee.

Services like Comprar Magazine is a trusted resource. Buyers and sellers encounter low levels of fraudulent activity. Fraudulent activity encountered on premium trading boards are usually made by mistake rather than evil intent.

Comprar Mobile is a premium trading board where buyers must purchase an annual membership to post a listing. All companies on Comprar Mobile have been verified and have paid their membership dues.

You will however notice several listings that only have contact information. These listing are NOT premium members – though they have been verified as a working company. These companies have simply listed their company for free – so proceed with caution.

On ComprarMobile.com fraud is taken seriously. All matters concerning fraudulent activity from a user on Comprar Mobile will be checked. If a member/user has behaved maliciously their contact information will be publicly posted to make others aware of said companies’ or individuals’ behavior.

Members listed on this site are currently in good standing with the consumer electronic industry. However, if you do not see a member listed on this site anymore, it may be that the industry has shown cause for concern or that they have stopped paying Comprar Mobile’s membership – either way – it is best to be cautious of those that are not listed on Comprar Mobile.

Like in any trading board, due diligence must be done before purchasing high-quantity products from distributors. But rest assure the members on Comprar Mobile’s directory are trusted distributors actively wanting to be acknowledged as a reliable wholesale supplier.